Ricki Lee Gafter

6370 Tucker Drive

San Jose, California 95129

(408) 366 - 2366



Objective: Challenging part time permanent employment developing, maintaining, and supporting software.

Languages: PHP, C, C++, Perl, Unix Shell, Perl, HTML, Java-script, VB, Assembly, Smalltalk, Fortran

Packages: Dreamweaver, Astra Load Test, Mercury Load Runner, FogBugz, Gnats

O/S: UNIX, NT, Windows95, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000, VMS

Hosts: Windows, Sun, x86, VAX


Work Experience


IronPlanet.com, Pleasanton, California

February 2000 - June 2005


Assure the quality of software. Testing a web based auctioning application, managing and maintaining a bug tracking system, developing, managing, and maintaining all test suites, as well as finding, deploying, and using testing applications.


Requirements gathering, definition, and design of a Marketing and Sales application.


Requirements gathering, definition, design, development, and deployment a multi-user call center application. This application worked in conjunction with a web based application sharing data through an Oracle Data Base.


Independent Consulting, San Jose, California

July1999 - February 2000


Consulted on various web based projects. Designed, developed, and implemented a web site.


PRI Automation, Equipe Division, Mountain View, California

May 1998 - July 1999


Lead the team to assure the shipment of quality software. My responsibilities included defining procedures for the SQA/SQE department, defining test suite definitions, developing, writing, and running test suites, assisting others in the design, development, and running of test suites, and scheduling resources and personnel.


Developed and implemented an algorithm for picking up a silicon wafer off center. This was accomplished after a 420 degree rotation of the wafer to gather data.


Wrote an interpreted Assembler for a proprietary language consisting of over 200 commands.


Applied Materials, Santa Clara, California

November 1995 - April 1998


Ported the GUI front end of an embedded 68k/486 VxWorks control system from Unix to NT. Added features to the embedded control system.


Developed a design methodology for a proprietary language. Developed and designed course materials to teach both the language and methodology company wide. Assisted company divisions in their efforts of using this language and the methodologies. Added functionality to the development environment provided for this language.


Added functionality various scripting programs used to install proprietary software onto customers machinery.


Microtec Research, Inc., Santa Clara, California

April 1994 - November 1995


Assisted customers in the use of compilers, assemblers, linkers, simulators, and monitors for the creation of embedded applications. Assisted customers in diagnosing and prioritizing problems found while using these tools. Among my coworkers, I consistently maintained the highest throughput of questions answered and customer problems resolved.


Participated in product definition for the SPARC toolkit, AMD 29K toolkit, POWERPC toolkit, and Motorola 68K toolkit by reviewing documentation for completeness, participating in product testing, and determining what corrections need to be made to existing products.


By customer request, I was the primary contact for many customers needing personalized and special attention on the East Coast. I was the primary contact for Japanese and United Kingdom subsidiaries to ensure that problems and issues important to these subsidiaries are considered in product definitions and releases, and that their critical issues receive immediate action.


Transdyn Controls (formerly JWP Controls), Mountain View, California

February 1993 - April 1994


Designed and implemented the graphical user interface for a real-time data collection system. The system is flexible enough to enable users to define their own display and report formats. Developed a system for monitoring and reporting communications errors among real-time subsystems.


Southwest Energy Control Systems, Plano, Texas

June 1991 - September 1991


Implemented communication and database subsystems for a multiprocessor real-time control system for gasoline pumps.


Asea Brown Boveri, Taylor Controls Division, Rochester, New York

November 1987 - May 1990


Designed and implemented a user interface library for a touch screen and a menu driven system. Using this library developed a package to enable the user monitor and change values in a real-time system. Created a series of routines to validate and place data retrieved from an editor into an intermediate storage medium to be transmitted from one processor to another. Created a package to shadow an on-line system onto a backup system and take over if the main system failed.


Created a package that allowed multiple VAX/VMS programs to communicate independently with a MOD30 control system over a serial line (RS232). This package included error tolerance for bad data, recovery from unreliable communications, and message time-outs.


Based on end users' expectations, created a functional specification and design for a system to monitor real-time processes. Implemented specifications to include data definition and collection frequency to be defined at run time.


For a plastic film manufacturing plant, implemented the user interface for a two processor control system.


For a two processor control system, implemented a communication protocol and a user interface supporting both real-time and batch system controls.


Bailey Controls Corporation, Wickliffe, Ohio

Contracting through Advanced Resources, Independence, Ohio

July 1985 - July 1987


Designed and implemented a forms library for creating menu driven programs. This library was then applied to create packages running in real time and batch mode, displaying data with modifiable and non-modifiable fields.


Designed and implemented a real-time system to monitor the chemical balance of sludge in a waste water treatment plant.


Implemented a real-time package that monitors an electrical power plant by computing critical values and alerting an operator when an exceptional condition occurs.


Currently volunteering with the following organizations


Threads of Tradition

Webmaster / Web Designer / Project Co-Chair

October 2004 - Present


Math Tutor, Miller Middle School

Cupertino Union School District

September 2005 - present




Kent State University

Bachelor of Science, May 1985

Computer Science/Applied Mathematics